Solar Dermatitis Pictures

solar dermatitis pictures

Prickly heat or something else?

i don’t know if i have prickly heat or some other effect from the sun. I have been to the doctor and he gave me all sorts of drugs but they do not work. When i go in the sun i can last about a day (obvisouly wearing sun cream etc) but then i start getting itches. these are unbearable and if you scratch the area it gets worse and worse until i start to involuntarily twitch (looks funny but is not for me). No rash appears or anything and it affects my whole body even if i only caught the sun on my neck and face!!!
Is this prickly heat as i have heard that you are meant to get a rash?

OK LOOKING FOR A HEAT RASH found this link about sun allegies take a look

sounds like you have what my mom does an allergy to the sun, sounds stupid but true the bumps are itchy as all heck and all exposed areas get it
think you should see a dermatoligist

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