Best Solar Stocks

best solar stocks
best solar stocks
stock prices and the reasons are good or simply an area in general as "solar" and why would be great.

First, most well-known large gas / oil companies still appear to be undervalued to me. Particularly also the interference government. But better than that, and lesser known are probably those who provide gas and oil drilling equipment and services. Nabor, for example, looked undervalued some time ago (I bought a little). Also look at Transocean, Diamond Offshore, Hercules Offshore alt-energy plays etc. are somewhat Dicy. Sure, you can buy a little and hold for a while – but it will be relatively difficult to choose winners and losers from such with all the market into small pieces. Here are two ways to play, if: (1) Buy a couple of big well-known and fairly priced at undervalued companies with participation of solar and other alt-energy: GE, Dow, Boeing. (2) Buy a fund instead: PowerShares WilderHill Energy Portfolio own.

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