Solar Day Length

solar day length
solar day length
How corals can see how long the day or year is? What was the Devonian Period Devonian and what does mean?

I received the answer to a question in the biology section compared with many of our questions Astronomy past that in the Devonian period, corals showed that the year was 400 solar days or 401 sidereal days. The days were about 22 hours or less for the 400 days from of 365.24219 days in the year, but I took the average year of 365.2422403 days and 6 starry night, you do the math from there. I had one answer that I would add my question as astronomy has been unfairly deleted today. I only called once and got no response. Corals grow more slowly or more quickly if the days are shorter or longer because the Earth is rotating faster or slower? Faster rotation becomes more days of the year because you are dividing by a smaller number and rotation gets slower fewer days in the year because you are dividing by a larger number.

The corals show a trend mineraliazation daily peak and there is an annual cycle of growth such as tree rings. Modern coral ridge by approximately 365-band Devonian, 400. To use a template, such as "Starry Sky, you need to know what the basis is. A linear estimate that works well enough for the period of human history may collapse on a scale of 100 000 times greater. In addition, the slowing of the rotation of the Earth is not a linear process. La Banda Aceh Christmas earthquake slightly accelerated the Earth's rotation.

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