Solar Credit 2010

solar credit 2010
solar credit 2010
population levels of control = climate control?

As suggested in the article below, control population growth may be a missing factor in the struggle for climate change. Maybe have a "human baby Cap and Trade" Plan where you can add supplements to produce excess baby. Or maybe we could set up a "Baby Credit Trading" system in which childless couples can sell "credits for babies." We should certainly do away with the adoption that is beyond acceptable levels. Any thoughts or comments on this concept (or my attempt at humor)? "A September report from the London School of Economics found that contraception is almost five times less expensive than green technologies like wind turbines or panels Solar fight against climate change. "Anyone have an idea of ??the report's conclusion above could be reached?

The world is not as "too crowded", as some would have us believe. There is still tons of open space. The biggest problem is how the population is violated natural resources without regard to return what was taken. We would all very well that if we stopped. (We need of our rain forests and woodlands more we need redwood picnic benches or bridges, and we must stop polluting the oceans and kill marine life that supports most of the world for food.)

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