Solar Crank Light

solar crank light
solar crank light
Can anyone give me an estimate of how much it would be to buy a package of competition statio soloar grid?

I mean the whole sha-bang Batteries something to control the battery pack or more to reverse the charge of a large solar panel. If someone can give me a link where I can buy a complete package for off-grid solar energy autonomous system. I need a system that know how to handle a house Regular use of lamps of a refrigerator can be a notebook everything you normally use in an ordinary house. I am building a cabin 2000 m² in Montana in the mountains and I need a source of sufficient energy can someone help me

I lived off-grid for a number of years ago 3 years. I paid 9K. This installation included (110,00 / hr.) Batteries and standing free panel 8. It also included a gas refrigerator, which was U.S. $ 1000.00 What you have to do is find out what you can not do no. It was just my husband and me and a 1300sf house on 20 acres at 5000 ft. When the sun was … all the time in the high desert, it would be responsible and we always went into the night with full batteries. He won 10% on a moonlit night as well. it would be loaded through several inches of snow dry desert. Wet snow can be different. It is not expensive as you get back as soon as you use it. Think this way … how much did you pay for your last new car? What were your payments? Now, instead of buying the car to buy solar. We had a generator Wholesale and used for charging less than four hours last year we were there. I cleaned the house and ran the TV every time and lit fires. Change your light bulbs to low watt and get a gas fridge. We used about $ 7 a few months for gas. EDIT: I think it is cheap in the long term. The government gives big discounts and cost reductions and if you buy your car you've lost at least half the cost you paid for it as soon as you hunt lot.If your electricity bill is 200.00 and put you in what we did, it would not take you long to "pay" for the system. and a year at 2400.00 added quickly. Our batteries are guaranteed for 15 years and our car was not. Also we did not have to pay state tax on income in California for all the years we have lived there, after it in. Our batteries deep at that time was just over 100.00 each.

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