Solar Controller Mppt

solar controller mppt
solar controller mppt
MPPT solar charge controller.?

What are the components necessary to build a MPPT charge controller for charging a 12V battery? I know I might need a DC-DC conversion, but I'm not sure? I read on the internet that I need to use an inverter (DC / CA) and then use a rectifier (DC output) but I didn't understand why, because the output of solar panel is already a DC source, so why not use it now?

MPPT charger design is nontrivial. The idea is that you can sample the input voltage and current repeatedly per second, and continuously adjust the operating point for maximum power transfer from the panel. This means that you load a capacitor from the solar panel and drain the capacitor charge in your battery. Indeed, it has elements in common with the DC-DC conversion. Admission could be 60 volts, 10 amps, and recharging the battery could be 14 volts, 40 amps. I think a microprocessor control circuit and programming the firmware will be generally necessary. It would be much cheaper and better to just buy a charger MPPT. In addition, until reaching the range of 300-400 watts of systems, the MPPT will consume more energy than it saves, so a small system, you generally simply connect a non-MPPT charger or a charger with this feature is disabled. With a very small system, 40 watts or less, you can probably get away with just connecting your solar panel to the battery directly.

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