Solar Controller Diy

solar controller diy
solar controller diy
Solar electric system help, please? DIY?

I intend to build a powered fan Sun. I have several questions. If I use a 12V DC single solar panel (PV modules), how many fans (CPU fan) can I use? Am I need a battery and a charge controller? What about the DC input? How can I configure the system with the basic equipment to operate this draft solar fan of mine? Tips and links to other sites are very popular. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. P / S: I'm not a electrician or engineer, in all areas of engineering. I just want to learn and invent something for the sake of inventing only.

If you want to run the fans do when solar energy is produced, the solution is simple enough, the sum of the load current must be less that the current panel can provide. I think a typical 80mm CPU fan draws 150mA, which is about 1.8 W (I round to 2W), and additional leave So a panel of 5 watts should easily fit two fans. If you want to run the fans of all time, in addition to the accounting needed to fuel the fans when solar radiation is present, you should consider solar energy required to recharge a battery at least enough to where the radiation Solar is not the same day, if not to cover a couple days with low solar (like cloudy days). For this you need a battery with enough capacity for "non-solar" terms and the panel's ability to carry your load and recharge the battery. You'll probably need a charge controller based on capacity.

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