Solar Control Valve

solar control valve
solar control valve
Why does my pool pump pressure so high?

My pressure pool pump seems abnormally high. The pressure gauge on the filter indicates normally about 22 psi and 28 psi when the implementation of solar power. I have a 4.9 square foot sand filter. The pressure does not vary by more than one bar after washing. On the pressure side of the pump moves water through the filter, then a cell salt DuoClear Zodiac (with integrated filter mineral) and solar control valve, then to two statements by the pool (about 40 feet) over 2 inch flex pipe PE. One of my friends has a similar system and its pressure seems to be about half of what is mine. I checked the gauge is not stuck and it goes all the way to zero when the system is off. Any suggestions?

It appears that your back washing is running. It drops so little, because he did not need to return washing. Your solar energy appears to be within reasonable limits, so the only thing left is your cell Zodiac salt. Bypass that and see if that fixes the problem. Probably not.


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