Solar Control Tinting

solar control tinting
Sun sunscreens or tinted window?

My electric bill is out of control and I would try to lower it. Which is better in the sun sunscreens or tinted window? And also, I have double-pane energy efficient windows. Would this even help much since they already have these windows? My bill was about $ 260 for June and my house is just 1300sq/ft and maintain the a / c around 79-83 degrees. I know it must be a bigger problem elsewhere but I thought I would start with windows. It's a little too hot to be crawling in my attic now inspecting all the lines. forgot mentioned. I'm in Phoenix. If you know of any companies that do just price screens here by all means tell me.

We use sunscreen, tinted window and change the colors of what you see out the window. In addition, one of the reasons is that sunscreens work keeps the light off the window, which contributes the lowest temperature of glass. Indeed, we live in Texas and get a lot of sunlight and summer heat.

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