Battery Solar Power

battery solar power
battery solar power
What is the hourly capacity for solar cells?

I am looking for a battery for use with energy Solar and has the following specifications. Capacity 12 Volt @ 20-hr rate of 120 h Capacity @ 100-145 Prices How this translates into running a unit of 1000 watts and how long you can run it with this battery.

Watts = Volts Ampere *. So a 12 volt battery which should provide 10 Amps is producing 120 watts of power. The batteries are rated in ampere-hours. For example, a battery can be rated at 100 Amp-Hours. That would mean he could provide 1 A for 100 hours or 2 amps for 50 hours. But he probably could not supply 100 Amps for 1 hour. Batteries work better at low utilization rates. Your examples are 20 hours is 120 Amp-Hours, which means it can deliver 6 amps for 20 hours (6 times 20 hours = 120 amp ampere-hours), but if you drain more slowly, taking 100 hours instead of 20, he will give you 145 amps-hours, which would be 1.45 amps for 100 hours. For Watt-hours, multiply by the number of volts. Most batteries are 12 volt (but not all are checked). Thus, a 12 volt battery which has a 120 Amp Hour capacity has a * 12 120 = Capacity 1440 watt-hour. Since one kilowatt (kW) is 1000 Watts, it would be a contract of 1.44 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery. You Electricity Bill is usually in units of kWh. Check your power bill to know how many kWh you use per month, then divide by 30 to get number per day. This will give you an idea of ??how many batteries you need to store enough energy to make it through the night if you're out network and relying on solar panels for all your power. I guess you'll be shocked by the number of batteries needed.

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