Solar Collectors Pool

solar collectors pool
solar collectors pool
Are 3 4×8 Novan Optima2 solar be enough to heat a pool 40k? Recessed, facing south, southwest. NM?

Have an opposite the house is in southwestern New Mexico, will be built three 4×8 panels Novan Optima II south portion of the roof. Will they be enough to heat 18×36, 40K gallon pool degrees 5-10? 'm Just looking into extending the swimming season for my children. I got the collectors of a neighbor who did not use. They were tested at the pressure and appears to be in good condition. Apparently they have not been used for some time.

Sorry, but it will not work. To do this effectively, you need 50% of the area in square feet of pool surface in the solar panels. You 're short way. Plus you factor elevation. The best advice, do not worry. Sorry.

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