Solar Candle Lantern

solar candle lantern
solar candle lantern
Any electricians out there?

I built a tiki hut and I would put some flashing lights in a couple of old lanterns inside the hut. I have low voltage wiring around the cabin now for other garden lights, can I take my flicker fake electric candle in my house cut plug from the end of the rope and connect it to the low voltage cable to get the candles at work / flicker the lantern in the cabin? The candle is 110 false wire is much smaller / thinner than the low voltage wire. I have a transformer and not the many lights on it now. Hopefully it was not difficult to understand. I would like to have brownouts in the cabin but lack the knowledge about how solar set up and do not want to do the battery thing. Thank you thank you

ZZ, I'm a journeyman electrician, I spent almost 40 years. The 110-volt bulb will not light on the low voltage, sorry. But ……….. You can put a battery of 12 volts in the cabin, and a converter 12 volts to 110 volts, and use it that way. A converter output would go to a small number of bulbs, one of 400 watts or less. You can use solar energy to recharge the battery.

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