Solar Camping Lights

solar camping lights
solar camping lights
How can I charge small items while camping?

Hello, I'm going camping in the open air for a week with family and friends (6 nights) and will in the woods without any power. I want to be able to power a few Christmas lights and charge my phone and iPod while that here. I heard that you can buy an inverter and 12 volt batteries can work. My question is 1) How would I go about hooking everything up 2) What size UPS do I have 3) How many batteries do I need the power of this installation 4) Should I buy a solar charger to recharge the batteries (if so what size) or just make my bank will be more lights for about 2 hours a day and I will use three traditional channels of light (unsuccessful) aprox 25 watts each. The phone and the iPod just needs to be recharged every other night, but there will be four phones and an iPod Thanks for your help

Why not enjoy the experience of camping in the deep woods, without any electric gadgets? If you plan to use the traditional lights, you will need a 12V car battery, plus the inverter. The car battery can be a bit heavy in the backpack, but if you are a great guys, no problem. Even with a solar panel you still need the battery for storage. (In fact, you could probably get by with a motorcycle battery). Depending on the part of the country where you live, there are probably quite remote places where you can drive your car and be close to a power source for your gadgets.

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