Solar Calculator Noaa

solar calculator noaa
What is the approximate sunset time?

About what time does the sun set in northern California?

This is easiest to answer with a sunset calculator – as it varies throughout the year.

For Denver Colorado I make it:
Length of daySolar noon
DateSunriseSunsetThis dayDifferenceTimeAltitudeDistance
25 Apr 201006:0819:4813h 39m 53s+ 2m 21s12:5863.6° 150.500
26 Apr 201006:0719:4913h 42m 13s+ 2m 20s12:5864.0° 150.539
27 Apr 201006:0619:5013h 44m 32s+ 2m 19s12:5864.3° 150.579
28 Apr 201006:0419:5113h 46m 50s+ 2m 18s12:5764.6° 150.617
29 Apr 201006:0319:5213h 49m 07s+ 2m 16s12:5764.9° 150.656
30 Apr 201006:0219:5313h 51m 23s+ 2m 15s12:5765.2° 150.695
1 May 201006:0119:5413h 53m 37s+ 2m 14s12:5765.5° 150.734

Or if you know your lattitude and longitude, enter it here:

Comes out an hour earlier in that calculator, but I assume that is a + 1 hour time adjustment (I’m in the UK so not sure how it works in the US).

For more like this, try a google search for “Sunrise and sunset calculator”

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