Solar Bug Lantern

solar bug lantern
Solar Bug Zappers , are they really worth it?

Hi , I got 2 “solar bug zappers” just like this

And it was useless, I had ‘em charging all day outside in the brightest sunlight, and at night I left them inside my dogs’ small room the next morning I found 15 mosquitoes inside the room 4 even hidden in the lantern and none dead nowhere around

THEN , theres something like this for about $40 usd and 2 solar panels … (also twice the price)
So can u recommend me the last one? or some similar “SOLAR POWERED bug zapper” ?


Don’t bother.
Mosquitoes home in on the carbon dioxide in your breath. So unless you are using
something that will truly attract them, they will blissfully ignore the zapper and wait for you to breathe.
Now, if you had a bit of dry ice, in the evening, within the zapper, you could change the game.

Or get some cut grass, add some water and get it to start rotting, and the aroma(a specific gas) could be an alternate attractant, suggesting a stagnant water site with enough rot to have the bacteria in the water that ‘skeeters’ would want to call home for the eggs. After they bite you to get blood, that is.

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