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Hello, I'm looking for a book of science fiction young adults published before 1976. In the book a young man a kind of graduate school survey area and is sent to another solar system in search of his spacecraft brother disappeared. His own ship was damaged upon arrival. The solar system has a large asteroid belt (not planets?) Inhabited by hard shelled creatures floating around that can shoot laser beams. He is accompanied by a young girl, I think. I think the book begins with him playing a baseball game thinking about the physics involved in catching a baseball that his fly to him. Any leads on an author or title would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Well, if you can not find the answer here you can try the following website: This is a own site. You give them as much information as you have about the book you are looking for, and they will do their best to find the title for you. Try them, they are totally Free! Good luck and happy reading! :-)

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