Solar Blue Color

solar blue color
solar blue color
astronomy solar system … … out …??

1.get names of the star with the color yellow (maybe orange) blue (maybe white blue) and red .. 2.How 2 of each color is formed black holes 3. What is the difference between the aurora borealis in the north and the south pole? 4.What are the 3 highest mountains in the solar system is 5.Why pluto not considered a planet?

1. Yellow: Sun, Capella Blue: 10 Lacerta, Sirius Red: Betelgeuse, Antares 2. When a star dies and collapses into its own gravity to a point of singularity (gravity infinite) is formed. 3. Situation. Nothing else, I think. 4. Olympus Mons (Mars), Mons Tohil (Io, Saturn), and some probable cases for the third a. Everest b. Mountain Family c. On the Moon Hadley Mountain On the Moon 5. Because it's too small. It is now a dwarf planet.

Bright blue.

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