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Did anyone see the eclipse tonight?

It is orange, does anyone know anything about it? It seems strange. ~ Krcool / Astro / moon / moonorange / http://www html is enough about that, did you see? Never seen before. Kentucky, USA, it was so great that I just happened to be Later that evening we saw that it was a great science lesson! I missed that one place he was a lunar eclipse not a solar eclipse, embarrassment, guess I'm tired, no wonder everyone says no, sorry lol lol lol See link NASA I can not be a scientist, but he did everything the website said it would be if it were an eclipse, though some think it was dust, have you seen? I think it was an eclipse. what information you use if it were up to you what it was really?

It was not an eclipse. It was the Moon being reddened by dust in the atmosphere from low in the sky. There will be a partial lunar eclipse on Saturday, but it will not be visible in the U.S. Additional Note: Eclipses are not random events that People can come to catch a glimpse from time to time, such as the aurora borealis. The dates and times of eclipses can be predicted with great accuracy. For example, a Web page from NASA for this year shows that the dates of eclipses It shows the dates of the four eclipses this year. If you see something not bind with one of the dates and times, so it's not an eclipse.

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