Austin Solar Panels

austin solar panels
Solar energy?

Me and my husband is planning to build a new home in Austin, TX and thought it was the 100 free billing of electricity using solar energy. Anyone who have knowledge of photovoltaics, solar panels need your help please. Project Plan: 2500 square meters of floor 5 bedrooms What kind of solar panel or photovoltaic cell need? How much do you think is going to cost? Do you know of an architect or builder providing personalized plan Do you know someone in Austin is using the solar panel Do you know the local manufacturer can contact him? Cookie XoXo

To calculate the amount of "burden" of your home will need, you have to add up all the projected electricity use that consumed their future home. Will to add things such as refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, water heater (can be solar), TV, computer (s), all other miscellaneous electronic equipment really aspire to power. Do not forget to fluorescent lights or compact LED-I. Also, think about adding more insulation than is required by your local building codes. A system of high efficiency air conditioning and also help curb power consumption. You may also want to check out …

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