Solar Battery Bank

solar battery bank
solar battery bank
solar system supplying 0.65 hp air conditioner?

Aircon 0.65HP LG model LA060R power = 535 watts for 5 solar panels connected in parallel 18v/8A is it enough? Charge Controller 30 Amp 8 hours of daylight 18v/40Ah 8 pcs batteries = 100Ah 800Ah what should be my minimum rating inverter power (watts) do I need a pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverter system is enough to power the Air Conditioning 1. solar system charges the battery and running the air conditioning in the 7 hours 2. using the battery and inverter 8am 3. the battery is fully charged.

535W x 7 watt hours = 3745 hours (or 3.745kWh) 3745wh per day / 6 hours of sun (the total amount of exit signs will be their full potential evaluated. 6 is possible in mid-summer depending on where you are) = 624W / .67 (system loss) = 931 watts of panels needed. five panels 200W would. 3745wh / 0.9 (inverter inefficiencies) x 2 (Do not use more than half the power in a battery bank) / 24V = battery 346 amps-hour 24V battery. eight batteries 12V 100Ah would, 2 in series for 24V, 4 parallel strings of them to 400Ah. 931W / 24V = 38.79A panels x 1.25 = solar minimum safety factor of solar charge controller 50A 535W air conditioner, but what is the rise when it turns on? That number you must make sure your inverter can handle.

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