Solar Batteries Rechargable

solar batteries rechargable
rechargeable garden lights – I can replace with normal or rechargeable batteries are special?

my solar lights were dead, so I have to open and found two rechargeable AA batteries. They said Solar Lighting Power Pack 600 mAh, 1.2V. 600mA fast charge 1.5 hours, standard load 15 hours at 60 mA. NC I suppose the reverse of this question is "How can I can recharge the rechargeable batteries using the solar panel normal little garden lamps?" That would be 15pm to 60 mA.

Not be a problem if you use batteries of the same chemical (Ni-Cad). If you buy new batteries you probably have a greater capacity and so will never get fully charged, it shortens the life of Ni-Cad, due to memory "effect." You could replace batteries Ni-Cad with nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) to prevent or reduce this. If you live somewhere where you get 15 hours of bright sunlight, will also be able to use the panels as a charger.

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