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solar animal chaser

Will the zombie apocalypse be televised?

it’s on it’s way you heard it here first. EK!!!. : (

In terms of news, I don’t think much would be televised. But, given reality television, what with those Australian animal guys and the storm chasers, maybe there will be somebody willing to tap that market.

However, the type of infection, point X, and the rate of spread, will determine everything. Most power plants, for instance, whether it be nuclear, coal, electric, wind, solar, hydro, they all need constant maintaining. Look online and you’ll find studies on these kinds of things. Not zombie-specific, but there are studies. Most power plants would fail after 2 or 3 days without maintenance, almost all would be down after a week of zero maintenance. The Interweb and cellular service providers also have systems that need maintaining. Not as much as power plants, but one can easily figure that after one month the Internet would be down, as would most cellular services.

The key points are what is causing the zombies or infected to become what they are, in the first place. Next is EMS reaction. Do hospitals and the governments know what they are dealing with? Rate of infection and incubation periods are also key. Does it take a few minutes to spread and infect your whole system or a few days? If it is a few days, people can travel the world without realizing they are sick and spreading an infection.

This is the most realistic and reasonable time line I’ve found…

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