Astrology Solar Chart

astrology solar chart
astrology solar chart
Your impression of my personality based on my chart?

I'm not quite believe in astrology, but I think pleasure and match parts of things in my personality. So I want to see what you can tell me about myself based on my chart. If you could include both positive and negative aspects for some of that would be great too. Thank you:) Sun: Gemini Moon: Cancer Mercury: Gemini Venus: Taurus March: Virgo Jupiter: Sagittarius Saturn Uranus Pisces: Aquarius Neptune: Capricorn Pluto: Scorpio Rising: Fish Note: If you do not go elsewhere and Astrology save you the trouble of typing a response. I already know that astrology is based on a geocentric view of the solar system and has no evidence scientific support. It's a question just for fun. :)

with a Gemini you need the patience of a saint and morality of a sinner to go on a date twice. a sister, you must be the king / queen of one night stands and even marriage could not not slow you down. All twins have multiple personalities and one-day course, you could end up with many people pleasant and unpleasant and they all speak the same voice. you might wake up happy for the gift of life and be terribly depressed with yourself at night. Gemini / The cancers are smooth, charming, and the Champs-of-sight to the blind. have your bad moods at once. In March, the Virgin, you probably want (secretly or not) for everything to be perfect. practical, comprehensive and analytical. you are jealous and very picky your partner, preferably someone with looks, intelligence and money. not necessarily in that order.

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