Seiko Solar Atomic

seiko solar atomic
seiko solar atomic
Which watches are better, Cassio or Citizen for men?

Sorry, it is not travel question, but I did not get much help on accessories board, so since I live here, I ask for help in this particular section.
Now to my question. I want to give my father watches, somewhere around $100, I have many options but no experience which brand is better. Basically I only heard of Cassio and Citizen, any other brands? Which is better, more reliable? I already have some sites, I just need opinions.
Thank you.

Casio is great if you like the G-Shock line. You can even get an Atomic Watch that is solar powered. The time is automatically set by radio (WWV) by the Government atomic clock in Boulder Co.

For dress watches, I’d go with Citizen though. Otherwise, Casio is great.

Seiko is good but there aren’t too many for $100. Pulsar is a good value and has many watches for under $100.;_ylt=Avj6_jrEHB41cKUCsWILv6SG8RkF

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