Satellite Solar Cells

satellite solar cells
satellite solar cells
Any info on satellite dishes on RVs and trailers?

I am seriously thinking of finding a coach or trailer and there live. Some camping, but mostly in parks with connections. I love nature, but my e-mail and some television programs. I hear your stories and advice. Email is easier if I by a handheld computer designed as a Sony PSP. But I think that satellite television is like a cell phone. You pay taxes and collect what the region offers. What is the voltage on the house. Should I look for a certain amount? (Generator is a given) It may be solar (if anyone can pick up TV with solar energy), usually used for fires and all esentials. Any info is welcome and thank you! Germany

Satellite recreational vehicles is the same as they are about houses. Simply adjust new every time you move. As for the tension of some 120V/30 amp which means if you use the area that you can not perform other things. Better than the VR are wired for 240V/50 Amp. With those you can run the AC and most other things at the same time. Some parks have still not the 50 amp connections, but here you can use an adapter and plug into the Amp 30. Many parks, most in fact, have cable or wifi laptop works fine for email. All your RV will be a system of deep cycle battery. Lights, water pump and the fan heater LP for work on the battery system. When plugged into the charger powers and recharges the batteries. I prefer a coach on a trailer. Shoot somewhere in a blinding rain with a coach and you just go back and crawl into bed or whatever. With a trailer you soak up vehicle towing the trailer and a coach is much less painful to develop with the arrival of a trailer. A small car is easy to tow or if you prefer a bike that can be carried on a carrier that plugs into the hitch. Look for RV clubs in your area talk to some of their members for more answers. Good luck.

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