Residential Solar Inverters

residential solar inverters
residential solar inverters
How much is it to instal solar panels?

About $3 per watt. If you want a large enough system to put a dent in your residential power bill, you’d need a system of about 3 kw (15 x 200-watt panels that are 20% efficiency, and mounts, wiring, inverters, switches), which costs about $10,000. It will yield about $500 worth power per year in moderate areas, more or less depending on the solar power potential of your area (see link), market value of local electricity, and the possibility of a grid-tied system. Payback is about 20 years. More efficient solar cells will yield more, but they cost more. For an off-grid system, add $1 per watt for batteries and back-up equipment, and size it according to your needs and your solar-power potential.

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