Residential Solar Design

residential solar design
residential solar design
What you must be a design engineer photovolatic?

I want to go to the field of photovoltaic design in some years after the economy gets better and I have some more experience as a regular electrical designer. At now I understand everything and spec transformers after the electricity company in commercial and residential buildings. Regarding the job descriptions, all the ads I saw were rather vague. They want some solar experience, a BSEE or equivalent experience, a background power / system design, etc. The fact is that PV is so much a niche sector that I've never taken lessons at school even talk about it (even with the 3-phase power, we had only weeks to explain it) and the information there is rare. I think certification NABCEP, but what else would benefit?

It seems to me that is oriented towards NABCEP installer certification rather than design, but they would probably teach the NEC requirements and familiarize yourself with the specialty products available. You could study the documentation of manufacturer photovoltaic and contact some of them to see if they have information not on their websites. Go to shows and fairs Energy and talk to suppliers. Attend seminars set up by suppliers. Keep looking for the kind of trade magazine Web sites and subscribe to related trade magazines print that you can find. may help:

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