Portable Solar Power

portable solar power
portable solar power
How can I use solar energy in my house rent?

We rent a house built in 1400 m² 1950. I want to be as energy conscious as possible, but it seems impossible in the old house that was built long before anyone even thought about saving energy. I know we can seal the windows, we have replaced all light bulbs with CFL. We have no money for large solar panels and even then we can install anything because we're renters. Are there any portable solar panels that we can put in backyard or something? Any advice on how to conserve energy would be great!

you can use solar panels, but their cheap. houses in the 50s were not built so that large before dealing with electricity, I face isolation and the question window. Many houses of this period is the use of sawdust for insulation. waterproofing on everything in the house, then go to electricity

Powerenz150 Portable Solar Power System Deploying Panel Overview Video

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