Pond Solar Aerators

pond solar aerators
pond solar aerators
Cleaning my pond and adding a new fish (chain pickerel)?

Hello, I have a 1-2 acre pond that is filled with harlequin bass yellow trout crappie perch golden trout and catfish and crappie … Would it be allowed to put the chain pickerel in the pond … I heard say they get almost as big as Pike! Also, my pond water is very dirty and I'm trying to get a few products to clarify the water, but he said he could bring the pH down but I do not have a vent system in it and I want to get a Solar … Where can I get these for a low cost ????? THANK YOU!

some fish you list are competing for food.don `T put a lot of fish in your pond which is unhealthy for the system more fish means less food for fish food means less delay growth. Golden is an eating machine. They will surely eliminate some of your investment. best idea and works best, build your own wheel paddle and daughters of the pump. water on it. the Internet should have plans to build or go to the library for sure. Tame the Fishies

Solar Pond Aeration System

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