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patio solar panels
solar powered string garden lights – how?

I want to string some string lights outdoor patio area for my entertainment and the environment. I love to do it with solar energy, although there is an outdoor outlet near where necessary. Target sells solar string lights outdoor however, are relatively short chains. I think it was only 4 feet of the lights in a string from a total of 9 feet. I'd like to at least 20 feet attached to a panel of preference. I can buy outdoor lights that are electrical length. Do they make small solar panels that have an outlet such? Or do I have to get converters and more? Will it be a big pain in the ass? I will not have the best luck google we do not know exactly what I'm looking for. Any advice would be appreciated!

Go to the website of Real Estate and look at their small solar generating units. They probably have the best selection and most reliable products: Frankly, however, the power of string lights is so small, it really would not be profitable for you to have the expense for solar energy, especially because you have a 120 V outlet nearby. It will only cost a few cents a day to the 20 feet of lights operate normal chain. In fact, a chain of 100 watts of light operating 5 hours a night every night from May to September would cost only a total of about $ 2.25 per month or $ 12 in electricity for the entire season (at 15 cents per kilowatt-hour). More or less difficult to justify the cost of a solar battery, and inverter. If you bought stringlights LED, the energy cost 120v would be even less. That might be the most practical option.

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