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patio solar lamp
I’m kind of worried about living on my own?

I am 18 and I have one daughter who is 9 months. I will be getting my own place sometime next month and if I have a bottom floor apartment the sliding glass door is right there with a patio, I’m worried about burglars and stuff like that. How can I get over this fear?
I don’t know how big the place is, it’s only a two bedroom and I wanted to move there so my daughter could have a room.
I don’t know if i’m getting the bottom floor apartment or not, I’m going in to ask tomorrow.

You can put a piece of wood in ledge of the sliding glass door to prevent it from being able to be slid open (this is what a lot of people do). There are also door and window alarms that you can purchase at the store (relatively cheaply) that will go off if one is opened. Make sure that you have blinds or curtains and keep them closed at night and when you’re out of the house so that people cannot look in. You can purchase removable batter-powered motion detectors or put out solar lights around the patio (and entrance) if these are private for your unit — if they’re shared, then this isn’t a feasible option. If the door doesn’t have a deadbolt, ask the landlord if one could be installed for extra security.

It can be very scary living on your own for the first time — this is common. Make sure that you’re moving into a safe neighborhood and that you’re prepared, just in case anything would happen. Most homes are not burglarized while people are home — which could help to reassure you at night. Keep a lamp on at night if it makes you feel more secure — I’ve done this many of times; in fact, it’s a habit now and it does make me feel better (I’ve been a single mom for 10 years). Good luck to you. Try not to let fear get the most of you and just try some basic safety around your home. Obviously, don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know – and make sure that you know who it is if someone knocks on your door at night. I’ve got friends who know I will not come to the door after dark if they knock, so they better call and tell me they’re on my door step. Make sure that your apartment isn’t in a high-crime area (the local police department can give you this information if you aren’t sure)… other than that, you should be fine. Congratulations on your new place.

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