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I need to run a ground form my solar panel?

I installed a 60Watt solar panel on top of my deck / Pergola. This is connected to a charge controller and a battery in my basement. I need to run a ground from the solar panel? If yes, what is the best way to do this? Is a wire attached to the aluminum frame, then connected to a foot long rod into the ground enough?

Although it is not essential for the proper functioning of your system, solar panel manufacturers recommend that the solar panels to the ground. Grounding in relation to facilities PV serves several purposes: 1. it bleeds off static charges built from wind and rain 2. it is an integral part of protection against Lightning 3. It provides protection from default, which any shorts or defects in the circuits will have enough ground current to trigger the circuit breakers or fuses and allow fault detection. It is recommended that the ground rod must have a ground resistance of 25 ohms or less. For protection against Lightning proper, between 1 and 5 ohm resistor to ground provides protection against lightning ohms quite reliable. You may need to find an electrician with a multimeter establish a good basis for your system. More detailed information can be obtained from the Rainbow Power Company. From: / cipr1.html

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